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27 June 2006 @ 10:26 am
The Prayers, Speeches, and Stories of Vejos Lorn, High Priest of the Unconquered Sun  

Followers of the Sun, hear me. I have traveled beyond the borders of Marukan. Beyond the fields. Seen the City of Great Forks. The City of Temples. Seen the little gods begging for prayers, like starving children in the streets. Know that our prayers are food to the gods. Know that all gods have their place and their function. Without our prayers they wither and die, and with them their charges and responsibilities. I, a high priest of Hyparkes, recognize the Sun's place as first among the gods. Does this mean I shirk my duties to Hyparkes? NO, it does not. I recognize the Sun and give him tribute as he is due, but i do not do it to the exclusion of other gods. Know that when you pray to the little gods they give reverence to the Sun as is their place. If you pray only to the Sun it is not his responsibility to feed the little gods prayers. You belittle the Sun if you think such duties are his. I do not expect my prayers to the Sun to feed Hyparkes, just as i do not expect to feed a sire and expect his foal to gain nourishment. The foal does not require as much food as the sire, but with no food at all the the foal will die. Know that as i ride across the plains, I and my horse ride under the Sun, and know our place. Just as Hyparkes knows his place under the sun and deserves equal worship due his station. Without the horse underneath me I would not make it across the plain and into the west and the setting Sun. I would be alone. While the Sun shines down on me from above, he is distant and my prayers to the little gods will aid me in that journey under his light.