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17 November 2006 @ 12:24 pm
Drakoran meets with his friend and Guild Factor Drogan  

Drak: "It's good to see you again Drogan, it's been far too long."

Drogan: "If you keep running off like this I'm afraid that I am going to be unable to come up with any new or more importantly believable lies as to what you are up to. They're already suspicious about you after the Fair Folk, and now the rumors of you having associations with anathema are becoming more common. Luckily the rumors are wild enough and so unbelievable that I don't have to say too much to convince them that they are not true. About a month ago I even heard one that you extracted a large sum of money in Onyx as you were apparently bartering with a Deathlord."

Drak: "Indeed, apparently they must think that I'm a complete fool. Certainly I would have enough sense to realize that any business negotiations with one like that would end unfavorably."

Drogan: "Exactly. I'm afraid business has been less than fantastic without you around however. I am barely any closer to becoming hierarch than I was when you left. Durgo is highly calculating. It's going to be a bitch bringing him down, and currently I don't have the funds to outbribe him. You probably have more money than I do nowadays, especially from what I hear about the little party you just threw."

Drak: "Well Jarrus is an exceptionally shrewd business man, I'm lucky to still have him working for me. He could easily be a merchant prince right now if he wanted to be. Luckily he's lazy, and he seems at least perfectly content living in my manse, and making use of my funds and slaves, in my absence. As far as the party goes well, lets just say I was lucky to have it ended abruptly before I threw away any more money, the gods only know how much I might have spent had it continued on as I had planned."

Drogan: "Well, I'm assuming that's why you came to me? You have something you need bought."

Drak: "Yes actually. I need you to find where I can get some Ghost Flowers. Apparently there is a blooming market for them in Skullstone at this time of year, and I'm sure some of your growers in Sijan would be more than happy to sell them to you at a fair price?"

Drogan: "You didn't!?"

Drakoran: "Let's just say that no market is too out of the way for my business dealings. I can assure you that my information is accurate, but how I obtained it...well we all have to keep some secrets don't we?"

Drogan: "You're going to get yourself killed you know."

Drak: "Oh I certainly expect it."

Drogan: Well if that's how it's going to be, how much are you willing to put in on this?

Drak: "Oh lets say 60 talents 30 from me 30 from you."

Drogan: "And I can expect what kind of return?"

Drak: "200 talents at least depending on the competence of the prince you convince to go to Skullstone. Of course it will cost 20 just to get it there and the prince will take his cut, but nevertheless it seems like it should be a tidy profit."

Drogan: "You're sure about this right?"

Drak: "Have I ever been wrong before?"

Drogan: "Point. Well I guess that I will get to work on that one. 60 talents of ghost flower *shakes his head*.

Drak: "I will help you with the Durgo situation when and if I can, hopefully my travels will take me to Nexus in the near future and we can get you your seat."

Drogan: "He's dangerous. He'll kill you if he even suspects that you're up to anything, or kill me."

Drak: "I can assure you that Gol Durgo wanting to kill me would be one of the least of my worries at the moment. But I have other matters to attend to, it was good doing business again with you old friend."

Drogan: "Indeed. Take care of yourself. I can't afford the loss of a business partner right now."

Drak: "I will try, it seems as though lately I have not been given much choice regarding dangerous activities, I just end up thrown in the middle. Hopefully some day they will eventually turn a profit."