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08 October 2007 @ 01:24 am
Sidereal Goals  
All journeys take time. But no one is better than you at stretching the limitations of that, to blaze a trail that only exalts can follow, down a road no exalt has tread, so that the map exists in a way that the Ebon Dragon will never understand.

In the days where happiness is transient, and where the Ebon Dragon uses our despair against us, your destiny is to remind the world that happiness is the path to victory. Bring love to the unloved, bring mirth to the joyless, and delight to the lost, so that all may share in the limitless capacity for happiness that exists in our Creation, for the Ebon Dragon seeks to supercede the world with himself.

All things end. Let this be the ending of the Ebon Dragon. Let there be no quasi half life, no slumber of misborn dreams. Tie his threads, end his pattern, and let his very name be forgotten in the most final of endings.

Your destiny is to incite the people of creation to battle, to righteous wrath against a foe whose very existance is anathma. He will end all battles, for he is the end of our world, lest you Chosen bring the weapons of valor, compassion, temperance and conviction to the battlefield. Your weapons, in the hands of Creation, will evoke a war with no equal.
Spin the fate of the world that apocalypse be armageddon and not a meaningless cessation of existence.

Your destiny is to show that you understand the hidden mechanics of the universe better than anyone. We need every detail covered or risk a crack through which the dragon might launch another attack.
MrBedpost: stitch-gaspmrbedpost on October 8th, 2007 02:56 pm (UTC)
hooray whitney stunting!!!!