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23 June 2006 @ 02:30 pm
The Prayers, Speeches, and Stories of Vejos Lorn, High Priest of the Unconquered Sun  

Though you may know of the events that are transpiring here, that is not enough. You must witness it.

You once told me to give you a reason to turn your face back to Creation. I have done this. In your name.

It has taken me bringing Creation to the brink of annihilation to get your attention, and that is what I have done. All in your name. All for your glory. All to take the first perilous step towards fixing the world that you and we failed to fix the first time.

Turn your eye towards Creation. Part these clouds with your piercing gaze. Let it strike down like a comet of righteousness from the heavens. Bear witness to your world in this, its most dire hour of this age.

Look down from upon high onto your chosen, bearing your power. We, as your instruments of righteousness. With each of your hands, with each of the pillars of your virtues, part the night, part the clouds, part the shadowlands.

LOOK, SEE, HEAR, FEEL us as we are unto you and save your world.

WATCH and be proud of your children. For they will amaze you with that which you cannot do.