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28 June 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Recap: 06-06-26  

The game opened to find Lorn, Ori, the Solar formerly known as Cynis Drakoran, and Felix all standing in the courtyard outside the Golden Lord's palace. TSFKACD suddenly realized the extent of what had just happened to him, and broke down in hysterics. Felix -- because his mean old player had to go take a fantastic vacation in Europe -- volunteered to go guard Elysande and Elyse, and vanished off to go find the nearest gate that would take him back to Creation. Lorn scooped TSFKACD up, Ori grabbed Heron, and they all headed for Ori's manse.
Once there, Ori dosed TSFKACD with a sedative and put him to bed. She then examined Heron, determining that while he wasn't sprouting tentacles or eyes in places they shouldn't be, he was still suffering from serious Wyld damage. She left him asleep in bed, until Lucas could arrive to remove the taint.

In the mean time, Lucas had arrived in Heaven, and grabbing a handy, nearby City Father, asked the god if the Heirophant had returned to Yu Shan. The god replied that yes he had, along with the Consort of Darkness and the Cloudsea. Lucas assumed that they had gone back to Ori's manse, and set off to find the rest of his circle. Once there, Ori filled him in on the events of the day, and sent him off to bed as well. By that time, Lorn had returned from his bath and he and Ori sat and drank tea,
enjoying the luxury of an hour or so without an impending apocalypse.

The next morning, Ori awoke to find Heron in a fever, so she asked Lucas to remove the Wyld taint. After he did so, Ori left Heron to wake on his own. She then went to check on TSFKACD, finding him depressed but awake. The group met for breakfast, and was soon joined by a very weakened Heron. Lucas revealed that he had found an ancient manse left by Kan'Hur, which contained a weapon that was strong enough to serve as a second front. Ori, Lorn, and TSFKACD explained what they had done, stating that no one was sure if the son of the Ebon Dragon would be able to regenerate into life. Erambour's new status as a goddess, the shameful behavior of the Unconquered Sun, and the rebellion of the Maidens were also added. The three also informed Heron and Lucas that 1/3 of the Sidereals had been lost in the fight against the Fae on the borders, and that a large number of Lunars had been lost as well, the death toll numbering 51 Exalts. Given that so many Sidereals had been lost, Ori mentioned to Heron that Zauric was bound by Samea with the spell, Threefold Binding of the Heart, causing Heron great surprise that Zauric would be caught in such a fashion. Everyone agreed that Samea did NOT need access to an Elder Sidereal's full capabilities.

After everyone was caught up, the group began to discuss strategies for the Conclave. It was decided after much discussion that Lorn would pray to the Sun and ask for him to invite The Bull of the North, Samea, Kakaron (a Solar from the Sidereal's northern camp), The Goblin King, Desus, and Michael to meet at the palace of the Golden Lord on the following day at noon. After much more discussion, the group decided that it was time to wake the Sleeper. If she had valuable information and was sane, she would be invited to attend as well. Lorn went off to pray using the Torc for the first time, Ori and Lucas went to wake the Sleeper, and TSFKACD went to go begin assuming control of the Bureau of Righteousness.

Heron took Ori and Lucas to go meet with Zephyra, who was in charge of the healing and reassimilation of the Solars pulled out of the Lover's Mirror. Zephyra had lost 2 fingers in the fighting. She expressed her extreme disapproval of waking the Sleeper, but eventually gave in. She told Ori that she would hold her responsible for any harm that this path would cause to the Sleeper. She went to get the Sleeper, and brought her back into Yu Shan, and to an abandoned building in the slums. Ori and Lucas had, in the mean time, cleaned up one of the rooms and set it up to receive the Sleeper.

The Sleeper was in full power armor, and Lucas found a way to close her face mask to protect her from any side effects from the Adamant Countermagic. Ori broke the spell, and the Sleeper woke up. She expressed a dislike of sorcery, and after a bit of questioning proved to be from the Third Year after the Yozi War. She is THAT OLD. Nothing that she remembers remains in its original state. Her name was Cassia, and she had been a Night Caste Exalted for 18 years. When Brigid had brought back Sorcery, Cassia had spoken against it, distrusting the claim that it was a gift from the gods. She had gone to Brigid's home in a last ditch effort to ask her to close her school when Brigid had invited her to look into her Mirror. (Yes, /that/ Mirror!) This is the last thing that Cassia remembers. Among other things, Cassia told Ori and Lucas the name and existence of the 6th Maiden (Uranus) and the name of the avatar of Compassion. Ori and Lucas quickly determined that she needed to meet Lorn, so they walked her back to Ori's manse.

In the meantime, Lorn had prayed to the Sun, and had been answered with an order to bring them all into agreement. He was in Ori's garden when Lucas and Ori returned, and Lucas quickly filled him in while Ori delayed Cassia. Lorn and Cassia spoke, and her reverence for Dragon Kings and her innate righteousness made Lorn (and Ori and Lucas!) like her very much. She swore her sword to Lorn, and then she and Ori departed for the library, so that she could begin to catch up on the past two thousand or so years. TSFKACD did not return to Ori's manse that night, and the three others went to bed early to prepare for the next day.

The next morning, Ori, Lorn, and Lucas set out early for the palace of the Golden Lord. TSFKACD had been very busy, and the way from the Calibration Gate had been lined with Celestial Lions and Judges of the Hidden Flame. Cassia arrived not long after, followed eventually by everyone invited.

(I don't remember the order that people spoke, and I'm too lazy to go get the paper out of my car, so I'll edit this later.)

During the discussion, Michael pulled out a small soulsteel box and handed to Kakaron. He opened it, and started gasping for breath, clearly under the influence of something harmful. Everyone got angry at Michael, who calmly stated that what was in the box was a small shard of metal that seemed to hurt only Exalted, making them powerless (yes, that would be Exalted kryptonite). Kakaron finally managed to close the box, and spent a good deal of time recovering his aplomb. The group then established that these shards were from the structure that the Neverborn had been building, the one that shattered into a million tiny pieces that went shooting across Creation.

TSFKACD did not join his circle, rather, he acted as a mediator, taking no sides and making no comments on what was said. After much discussion (that will be added in later), the Solars reached an accord. The Bull vowed that he would test Lorn, and they would each make the other stronger. Michael stated plainly that Kethor Rock stood behind the Heirophant. Samea said that while she would not work with Lorn, she would not impede him provided he did not impede her. Kakaron said that he would take what was said back to his people, but that he was not opposed to what he had heard. Desus said that he followed no man, but that Lorn spoke more sense today than he ever had in the past. Filial Wisdom respected Lorn's righteousness and what Lorn said. And Cassia repeated her vow to serve the Heirophant. And with that, the first Conclave of the nascent Solar Deliberative adjourned, each of the Solars going back to his or her people with much to think about. After they left, Heron stepped back into fate and commented on what he had seen. While he was speaking, Lorn received a message from the Unconquered Sun through the Torc that he wanted to speak to the Solar who dared to step into the Golden Lord's place. Lorn relayed the words to TSFKACD, and the adventure ended for the night (or dare I say morning -- we all left at about 4:00am. :p)