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17 November 2006 @ 12:18 pm
Drakoran's Early Days  

Drakoran was the second child born to Cynis Belar Delane and Ragara Castiran; his other sibling, a brother 5 years his elder, Cynis Fulton who Exalted at the age of 12.

He spent his childhood raised as a Dynast child, being cared for and tutored by slaves of the household. He showed a surprising knack for matters of finance and business at a young age and he was therefore sent to Ilicar Academy in the Imperial City for his primary education where he excelled.

While attending primary school he met his young cousin and classmate Cynis Falen Delane, and they quickly became close friends, and were soon involved in a romantic relationship. This was approved of by both children’s parents, and despite their young age they came to be lovers. However Delane Exalted soon after her 14th birthday, and since Drakoran was yet to Exalt, she was moved to a separate part of the school for Exalted children. Slowly, their relationship began to diminish, as the two found less and less time to be together, although certainly some feelings for eachother still remained. By the time graduation came, it was apparent that Drakoran was not going to Exalt, which obviously disappointed everyone in his family a great deal, especially Delane.

Soon after his graduation he was sent to accompany his brother (who had just recently graduated secondary school) on his sabbatical to the threshold. There, during their many travels while his brother basked in the life of luxury, Drakoran began to make connections; most notably several merchant princes in the guild, namely a young merchant prince named Drogan from Great Forks. However this business did not stop Drakoran completely from hedonistic indulgence (after all he was a Cynis) and he developed a taste not only for the guild's prostitutes but also many of their exquisite and designer drugs. Upon his return home 3 years later, Drakoran learned that Delane had been married to Cathak Rogosh in hopes to strengthen ties between the families. Despite this, not long after his return Drakoran and Delane became reacquainted, and always seemed to end up together at many of Cynis' wild orgies, which Rogosh usually chose not to attend. They continued this affair for the next year or so until Delane became pregnant with what was almost certainly Drakoran's child. The relationship between the two soon dissolved after the news of the pregnancy. Delane had spoken to Rogosh and told him the circumstances behind the pregnancy and he agreed to accept responsibility as the father of the child, much to the chagrin of Drakoran. As the pregnancy progressed the two once again became separate.

Then the Scarlet Empress disappeared. Soon afterwards during the turmoil that would follow Drakoran's mother presented him with a plan that he should be married to a young Dynast named Ledaal Leya in order to help form an alliance between the families. After meeting Leya however, Drakoran, still sore from the rejection of Delane, did not find her appealing and he refused the marriage. This was almost an unthinkable act, especially for a mortal, and his family heavily frowned upon it. While they did not disown him due to the fact that he was simply mortal, he would certainly get no financial support from them and he decided that in order to diffuse the situation and avoid further shame, he would leave the Blessed Isle.

After leaving the Isle, Drakoran set out for Great Forks, a place not unknown to members of Cynis, hoping to once again meet up with Drogan. He did find Drogan shortly after he arrived, who helped him establish a position in the guild rather quickly. Soon he was negotiating business deals and travelling on caravans with Drogan, and quickly made a name for himself amongst local merchant princes. During this time he rarely told anyone other than Drogan of his Dynastic status, or his former life and no one really asked. He was simply known as a young hotshot from the Blessed Isle who could talk a Delzahn nomad into buying a mammoth fur coat just in case the south ever got cold.

Drogan during this time was continuing to gain power and influence in the guild and became increasingly wealthy with more and more risky business ventures and caravan travels. During one such adventure he led a small caravan to one of the more infamous Fey trading posts in hopes of receiving some rare gossamer artifacts they were said to possess. Drakoran accompanied him on this business venture. They found the aforementioned Fey and began negotiations that quickly took a turn for the worse. They were invited inside of a large palace to get out of a violent wyld created storm that was raging on outside. Upon entering they were informed that the shelter offered was considered a hospitality and therefore they along with the other members of the caravan would be chained with the slaves. The other members of the caravan were taken away by the Fair Folk while Drogan and Drakoran futilely attempted to appeal for their release. When the Fey came to put the two in chains it appeared that only divine intervention could save them, and so it did. Drakoran received his long awaited Exaltation, although certainly not in a way he ever expected, as he was Exalted as an Eclipse caste of the Unconquered Sun. After the initial shock was over, Drakoran soon discovered the first benefit of his newly appointed station, diplomatic immunity, as he was swiftly apologized to for his improper treatment and greeted as "Prince of the Earth". Then the real negotiations began and this time the Fey were more...open-minded, and quickly, a deal was struck. The members of the caravan were returned and the merchants were allowed to return to their caravan where they found the dream-eaten waiting for them along with a cache of gossamer and first age trinkets.

After private discussion, Drogan and Drakoran agreed to keep the true circumstances of their escape and subsequent business negotiations a secret, and instead told their fellow travelers that Drakoran was able to fast-talk them into an agreement. This excuse was not completely accepted of course and rumors began to circulate about what really happened, but no one bothered to interrogate them too much on the matter, they were just happy to have escaped with their minds intact. Upon their return, the story of their narrow escape and subsequent negotiations, spread through the guild like wildfire, and the story was soon known to nearly every Hierarch, Factor, and Merchant Prince in the Scavenger Lands.

Several members of house Cynis were vacationing in Great Forks a few months after Drakoran's return and he went to visit them hoping to learn of his family's fate since his departure. He learned from them of Cynis' monetary problems, especially the outrageous prices that they had been paying for slaves from independent Guild agents since the Empress' disappearance. It appeared as though Cynis was already starting to look for other sources of slaves, and had been resorting to renting slaves out for labor. After hearing this information Drakoran got together with Drogan and they undertook their most significant business venture. Drogan was to work on the guild end while Drakoran would negotiate with Cynis to come to a more universal price they could pay the guild for slaves. Drakoran met with representatives of his great grandmother Falen and with Drogan's help was able to work out a deal with them which not only allowed Cynis to continue purchasing slaves from the guild, but also increased the number of slaves the guild was currently selling overall by nearly 10%. While it certainly didn't solve all of Cynis' slave problems it did take a great deal of pressure off them at least for the time. The deal made both men. Soon after Drogan was raised to level of Factor, and Drakoran became one of the most powerful merchant princes of Great Forks. Furthermore the deal helped to somewhat repair relations between Drakoran and his family. While Cynis Drakoran is still officially on the family's "black list", the Merchant Prince Drakoran is considered a valuable ally in the guild and friend of the family.

After the success from the Cynis deal, Drakoran became incredibly wealthy. He got away from the slave trade and caravaning and turned his attention towards the drug trade. With his center of business in Great Forks he was able to purchase drugs at an exceedingly low price, and through market knowledge and the use of newly learned bureaucratic charms he was able to find the best markets for their sale. He also managed to acquire a small but exquisite collection of rare and ancient artifacts including some from the Dragon Kings, by "acquiring" them from several guild cachets where all record of their existence would never be found if anyone were to look, and anyone involved in acquiring or moving the objects would more than likely, upon questioning not remember anything about them. As far as anyone knows the items have been in Drakoran's possession for quite some time and were obtained by completely honest means. He has also made a number of successful investments in the ever growing guild bank and has large amounts of money invested in many of them.

Now Drakoran stays in Great Forks living the life of luxury. He seldom has many direct business dealings anymore, most of his substantial income is brought in through investments, especially in new or specialty drugs which are always plentiful in newly opened or far off guild markets. Interest coming in from money invested in Guild banks also provides a substantial portion of his income, and commission from Cynis slave deals continues to provide another significant addition to his income. Drakoran is especially lucky to have this substantial income primarily because his taste for the finer things in life certainly taxes his incomes. While dealing in many of these specialty drugs he has found a taste for them himself and indulges in them quite often, as well as many other expensive carnal pleasures, a taste he acquired from back in his youth in Cynis. He currently lives in his Manse in Great Forks (bought for it's fantastic architecture and historical significance of course, although few bother to question it considering it is well inside his estate and it is, after all in the city of temples). He has also employed Jarrus, a new young upstart from the guild in his service to manage the majority of his finances and smaller business deals, and he has proven to be quite efficient, successful, and most importantly trustworthy. Drakoran remains close friends and allies with Drogan, who is now well on his way to becoming a Hierarch. Only a very select few know of his Exalted state, Drogan, Jarrus, a few trusted slaves, and the 3 spirits of Great Forks. Upon his return from the Fair Folk venture the three summoned him to private council, a fact that is somewhat unnerving to him, and has contributed even more to the rumors that were already flying about the events that had transpired with the Fey. Drakoran has no plans to seek higher rank in the guild, he has actually tried to take himself out of the spotlight and instead become more of a specialist. He knows that the public attention that would come with being a Factor or other official would undoubtedly end up in someone finding out his true nature, a fact that up until this point he does not wish to be made known. After all, while the guild does employ Exalts, it certainly doesn't want them running things, which makes Drakoran perfectly happy as long as he can maintain his current lifestyle. He does grow somewhat restless though, remaining in Great Forks and staying on the low down and perhaps the time has come for another risky business venture.