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The Third Age Dawns...

Chronicles of the Third Age
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Blue booking adventures and indulgent bragging regarding the continuation of an ongoing Solar Exalted chronicle.
abyssals, alchemicals, archery, autochthon, averting apocalypses, biogenesis, blackheart, blackheart's bastards, blood, bringing rifts, burning feather, celeran, compassion, conviction, crafts, creation, crossing the line, cutting, dawn, deathknights, deathlords, dragon kings, drakoran, eclipse, elysande, elyse, endowments, exalted, exalted of being awesome, felix, first age tech, great forks, heaven, hyparkes, integrity, killing samea, larceny, liatta, lorn, lucas, luna, lunars, malfeans, malfeas, martial arts, medicine, melee, mo' essence mo' problems, neverborn, night, occult, ori, peace, ponies, prayer, presence, primordials, ride, righteousness, robots, rpg, sacrifice, saving creation, saving creation again, shen, sidereals, solar deliberative, solars, sorcery, stealth, survival, temperance, the golden lord, the maidens, the unconquered sun, the vermillion legion, twilight, valor, vas, vejostan, war, white wolf, yozis, yu shan, zenith